Miller Harris

Lyn Harris has been working in the fragrance industry for 14 years and founded Miller Harris in 2000. She spent 5 years training in France at one of the highly prestigious schools of the perfume elite in Paris and then Robertet in Grasse. It was while she was in Grasse that Lyn learned about the rare materials that form the souls of her scent portfolio today. Completing a very strict and detailed training has established Lyn Harris as one of the few classically trained noses in Britain.
When Lyn talks about her fragrances and the rare ingredients she uses to create them, one realises the value of the years she spent being educated in this intriguing and rarefied field.
During Lyn’s years in France she flung herself wholeheartedly into French perfumery, when she wasn’t in the Robertet laboratories she was experimenting on her own, consuming herself in the rare raw materials available to her and constantly pushing the boundaries of her own creativity. It was during this important time that she defined her own style, which was to prove so
important to her future career.
“Fragrance is as old as the earth. The evening scent of flowers, the woodland odours of plants and roots, the headiness of ripe fruits, the bouquet of wild herbs, the trace of pollen on the wind. Such things are my inspiration for, though they stir the senses, they are redolent of something deeper, harmony and inner peace.”